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12 Millville Oxford Road, Hamilton, OH 45013513-515-9249info@sickasscycle.comCall Us! 513-515-924

Sick Ass Cycle – Welcome

Sick Ass Cycle – Welcome

Sick Ass Cycle by American V-Twin is a full-service Independent Custom Motorcycle Repair Shop.


  • Only $30 per month!
  • Heated, Clean, Dry & Secure
  • Fully Accessible During Business Hours
  • FREE Spring Inspection

Things You Can Expect at Sick Ass Cycle:

  • Lowest Labor Rate around!
  • We won’t hold your bike “HOSTAGE” for weeks before starting your work!
  • Service and Maintenance that DOES NOT jeopardize your manufacturer warranties!
  • Ride In-Right Now! Instant Motorcycle Service.
  • Scheduled Maintenance done same day!!
  • TIRES IN STOCK: Avon, Metzeler, and others at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES installed while you wait!!!
  • L.E.D. Accent Lighting by Custom Dynamics.
  • Engine Performance Upgrades.
  • Motorcycle Audio by J&M Audio, Cycle Sounds, Biketronics, & Hog Tunes!
  • Custom/One-Off Parts Fabrication from Concept to Completion!
  • Chrome Plating, Powder Coating, and Polishing.
  • Southwest Ohio’s Motorcycle Collision Repair & Rebuilding Specialists!
  • The Midwest’s Exclusive Distributor of BriteMax Spray & Shine Motorcycle Detailer!
  • OEM & Aftermarket Parts and Accessories at DEEP DISCOUNTS!


From the time I bought my first motorcycle at age 18, I took it to the “stealer” or local bike shops for service work to have the more complicated upgrades and accessories installed. It didn’t take me long to learn that there are lots of guys out there claiming to be motorcycle mechanics or technicians, who shall we say, didn’t exactly care for my bike the way I would have.

Countless nicks, scratches, dings, stripped bolts, a missed trip to Sturgis in 2004 (Thanks Jerry!) and even a ruined gas tank (Thanks John!) were the rewards for my misplaced trust. I knew there had to be other guys and gals out there who had experienced some of the same. In fact, I’ve heard other bikers expressing their disappointment with other local shops who failed repeatedly over months to get the correct throttle cable installed on their bike, and even one case where a local shop had to “rebuild” a guy’s transmission three times in the span of over a year without ever actually fixing it right. He ended up taking it to a different shop after paying over $1,000 to the first.

So I figured that as long as I cared for my customers’ bikes the same way I did my own, priced my repairs, parts and services fairly, and got their bikes back to them as quickly as possible, how could I possibly go wrong??? As a result American V-Twin was born in my garage in 2005. In 2006, I rented a commercial building in Fairfield and went “legit.” In October of 2011, I moved to the current Port Union Road location. Soon after, I added the catchy tagline “Sick Ass Cycle,” and like-named website. The tagline has stuck and just as many bikers recognize my company as Sick Ass Cycle as the official name, American V-Twin. I have grown over the last year from 1200 sq. ft. to 3600, with plans to expand again before the prime riding season starts in 2013. I now have four motorcycle lifts including one trike lift, a brand new top of the line Coats RC200 tire changer, and all the saws, torches, welders, and miscellaneous equipment to perform anything from basic maintenance to full custom fabrication.

I’ve applied my many years of experience as an ASE certified automotive technician to the motorcycle world. Give Sick Ass Cycle a try and you’ll be a believer. We’ll treat you and your bike right and stand behind our work!

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