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Harley-Davidson Fined $15,000,000 and forced to recall SE Super Tuners from stocking dealers

Harley-Davidson pays $15M to settle EPA’s emissions claims (USA Today August 18, 2016)

Harley-Davidson has agreed to pay a multimillion-dollar fine and fund environmental remediation efforts after allegedly selling aftermarket devices that allowed motorcyclists to cheat U.S. emissions standards.

The Milwaukee-based manufacturer will pay a $12 million civil penalty and $3 million toward environmental efforts in a deal with the Environmental Protection Agency after the agency accused the company of selling about 340,000 “super tuners” that bolstered power but also raised harmful emissions.

The company agreed to offer to buy back all of the devices, cease selling the tuners and destroy them.

So what does this mean to you folks out there who have purchased a Super Tuner?

It means HD will no longer support or service your tuner or any further tuning needs.  They can’t take it from you but you’re not going to get any help from them.  Also, since Dealers send their dyno technicians to the HD school, they are only trained on the HD tuner.  The vast majority have no training, certification, or knowledge of the other tuners on the market so they cannot possibly offer to tune your motorcycle but even if they wanted to, will the dealer take a chance on getting their hand slapped for tuning a motorcycle after the current round of EPA penalties?  Sort of doubtful.

There’s a solution!

Yes, we can still use your Super Tuner!  At Sick Ass Cycle, we own the state of the art Dynojet 250i dynamometer running Winpep 8, the latest and greatest dyno control software available in the powersports industry.  We have also invested in the latest computer hardware and software from the amazing folks at TechnoResearch.  Paired together, we can flash tune, flash audio systems, perform all the diagnostics Harley can, Program keyfobs, ECM,s, BCM,s TSSM,s and more on CANBUS and Pre-CANBUS models.

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